What is Suoixna?

Suoixna, the guild for people with anxiety

Suoixna is a guild in World of Warcraft, designed to help people with anxiety connect easier and fully enjoy the game with its content. Thanks to some amazing people, I was able to start this little project of mine and got a lot of support.


“We all struggle with something that prevents us from enjoying the most awesome things in life!”


I personally highly enjoy the game. Every aspect of it can be mesmerizing. Because WoW is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) we have to connect to fully be capable to enjoy the game as a whole. This task can be very difficult for some of us.


I struggled greatly in grouping up with new people, being afraid that they wouldn’t accept me, insult me, or kick me from the group because I didn’t meet their requirements. People can be quite harsh in accepting one another.


So this is why I created Suoixna. This guild should help people connect with one another who have similar challenges and struggles in life. Suoixna has already helped a lot of awesome people to connect and support one another!


“People who struggle the same, understand each other better than people who don’t.”


It is always awesome to meet people who know how you feel, it builds you up! And I do hope I am able to create this certain environment to help more people who are seeking help and proper support in-game.


Since this is a special kind of group we have here, the requirements aren’t that though. The main goal consists of connecting and befriending other people. Although we do plan on progressing in PvE and PvP content!

Class & Spec: We just have one requirement. That you enjoy the class you play and you would like to learn how to maximize your skills with the said class. It is important that you enjoy yourself!

Experience: You don’t need to have any experience in-game! You can learn with us! We are glad for any level of experience to join!

Age: Now, we do want you to have a certain age. The guild should be 16+ but if you are younger than that and interested to join, throw me an Email!

Mental State: You don’t need to have a mental health issue to join. But if you are interested in building a family-like community, you are most welcome to join with a healthy mind!

“If you are suicidal, this is not a guild for you. If you are in desperate need of medical support, then get help! The guild is meant for connecting like-minded individuals, and it will not replace your therapy!”


Now, if you are interested in joining our adventure, you can start quite easily. These links provided down here provide you with everything essential to get you started!


Realm: Chamber of Aspects
Faction: Horde
BattleTag: Nymira#2166


Facebook Page: Suoixna
Discord Channel: Suoixna
Twitch: Nymira (Coming soon)