Now, that our community works properly we have established some rules. We are not hardcore gamers, but we value behavior and respect towards one another. If there is someone who abuses our rules or misbehaves, they will get into personal contact with either myself or one of my officers. A kick from the guild might follow if the ‘crime’ is fatal.


Acceptance: You are willing to accept every member as an individual. You will accept them as a team member and as a human. You do not insult them or threaten them. If you have a strong problem with a certain member, please report them to your Guildmaster (Nymìra) or to the First Officer (Fantomás).

Bullying: No form of bullying will be accepted. The victim itself decides what’s bullying or not. You will receive a warning after the warning follows a personal chat with Nymìra. If the bullying persists, the person might be kicked without further action.

Talking: You accept that certain people aren’t comfortable enough to talk on Discord. If you have a personal problem with this, please contact the Guildmaster or the first officer as mentioned above.

Suicidal Talk: Because it might trigger some people, the suicidal talk shouldn’t be done in any fashion or form in the guild-chat. Suicide does not belong in the game or any form of chat.

Therapy: What you discuss in your therapy (your thoughts, feelings, and medication!) do not belong in our chats or any form of communication in the guild. Same rule as Suicide Talk.

Discord: You are willing to download discord and join whenever you’re asked to do so. If there is no raid, dungeon, or party activity scheduled, you might ask for the reason. We want people to be able to hear us, they don’t have to talk if they don’t feel comfortable doing so!

Raiding: If you want to raid with us, you must undergo an interview with either myself or our First Commander Fantomás, if we do not know you well enough yet. People who vividly interact within the guild and different members have a priority spot in guild runs (dungeons, raids, and general group-ups).

“Suoixna won’t replace your therapy! If you are in desperate need of help, turn to your doctor.”


Discord – As mentioned before, every member should download discord and join our server ‘Suoixna’.

The Team – The members of our community are important to us. We want you to get to know us and vise-versa. We are a steady growing community of people who support one another.

Suoixna – Everything you need to know about the guild itself. Especially if you are completely new to World of Warcraft.