The problem about math and how to fix it.

Why you suck at math

As I was a kid, math was the subject torturing me the most. I literally cried, every time I was forced to solve a simple equation. But now, as I am older and understand my problems, I see why I struggled so much back then. So I was figuring out how to fix it.

“_ fixes to overcome your problems in math.”

The struggle in this particular subject is a common thing in students. Hardly anyone you ask will tell you that they love the concept of math nor that they love solving complex equations. But I’ve gathered some tips on how to help you overcome your struggles!


This does not mean that you should accept the fact, that you’re bad at math and you will never be able to fix it. That’s not what this article is about. But you need to accept, that you cannot be good at anything without proper support.

Math, like any other class, requires your attention and patience. Learning requires practicing your skills so you will become comfortable enough to handle your problems.

Don’t be afraid to ask other people to help you. If you are aware that you struggle with a certain exercise, why don’t you ask your teachers? That’s their job!


Our everyday lives revolve around mathematics. Everything we do has a certain mathematical process behind it. Our brains are small supercomputers. So saying you don’t know math is flat out a lie.

“Our brains are small supercomputers.”

Before you can solve any problem, you need to know where the roots of your obstacle are. I am horrible if it comes to solving an equation in my head. I just cannot deal with that. But this is not because I suck at math, this is because I have a really bad memory. I need to write everything down in order to remember it correctly.

“Math is not my problem, my memory is.”

I now know that I need support if it comes to solve equations in my mind. If it is another human, a calculator or anything that could assist me, that would solve my problem. You, for example, might be bad at geometry. But make sure you are aware, what exactly makes it so hard for you!


This was and still is a major problem for me. I hate to ask people for help. But sometimes, it is unavoidable. If you happen to be ashamed to ask in class, gather all your question in a notebook and ask your teacher/professor after class. Trust me, they will be glad that you put the effort into it!

“It is your teacher’s/professor’s job to help you!”

These people have learned to help someone like you who struggles in a certain field! Don’t be afraid to ask someone who has done this for years!


No matter if you try to learn the violin, solve a complex equation or how to eat a muffin. Practice makes perfect. The more you try to understand the foundations of your problem, the more likely are you to succeed in what you’re trying to achieve. No master fell from heaven and you shouldn’t pressure yourself.

“The more you try to understand the foundations of your problem, the more likely you are to overcome what is holding you back!”

This statement is true for anything you try to learn. So be patient with yourself, but keep your eyes on the problem.


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I can tell you something right away. If you aren’t willing to work on your problems, you will most likely not be able to go further. But if you are willing enough to take on the challenge to learn and practice, you will be able to succeed! Stay focused, stay motivated!


Mistakes are unavoidable in any case. But trust me, they are the best things to learn from. Don’t give up if you have done a mistake, this was my biggest fault as I was a kid. I thought I wasn’t allowed to make any mistakes.

“Mistakes are your best asset.”

I always thought if I do a mistake, I am not smart enough. I am bad at this and I would never be able to solve complex mathematical equations. No.

You see, in school, they often rate our grades due to the failures we’ve made within the exam. But never once a teacher told me that it is good to make those mistakes. You shouldn’t put yourself down. Instead, you should be motivated to learn from those mistakes. Exams are showing you where you can and should increase your skills. They aren’t meant to put you down.

I know this might be a hard thing to do. But try to look at your exams as a help where exactly you struggle and follow the other steps. Talk to your teachers, practice some more exercises. You got this!


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