About Virtual Drafts


My name is Nina Misteli. I am a young individual who works as a draftswoman in a small office. Day in and day out I design the technical blueprints necessary for a structure to be built.

I am a fairly normal woman. But before I started off with a full-time job handling clients and throwing presentations, my anxiety and depressed mind made my life a living hell.

“I suffer from severe depression (F33.3), social anxiety and PTSD.”

There was a time I tried to commit suicide and I have almost been successful. I don’t want to brag, but now, I am quite good at living. I spent nearly 15 years trying to figure out how to live life joyfully, and I am still learning more!


You don’t have to suffer like I did. That’s why I have created this weblog, so you are able to learn from my mistakes and see that life can truly be beautiful!

With this weblog I want to share my struggles on the career I am pursuing and teach other people just like you on how to do the same!

A lot of people need a relatively healthy mind to go about their day. For a lot of us, this is not always easy and can get us in a lot of trouble. I try my best to communicate with people, so they see what our daily struggles are.


I will write content based on my experience within the workspace. If you have other requests, like family and friends, please shoot me an E-Mail or contact me via Facebook.


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We all struggle with something! You are not alone!

No matter your journey, your past, you are welcome here! Having something to complain about? Do you need advice on a specific topic? Feel free to contact me!


Are you suffering from Social Anxiety and Depression?


Me too! Why not supporting one another? The world can be a cruel place and people often don’t understand each other correctly. I want this to change! Will you help me achieve that goal?